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Who Can Participate?

We encourage qualified healthcare professionals to apply to join one of our trips. For each trip, clinic days are designed, and patients selected, based in part on the specialties of team members. IMO provides all arrangements for our overseas medical volunteer doctors, nurses, dentists, and other healthcare workers. We also encourage volunteers other than healthcare professionals to join our trips to assist our overseas medical teams and to support a variety of trip-related activities.

Now you can afford to go on a Medical Mission Trip

Anyone can serve as a volunteer. At least half of our volunteers have no medical background and their services are a critical component to the successful operation of our projects.


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Medical Mission Trip

Interest in Going on a Medical Mission Trip?

IMO offers short term medical mission trips for volunteer doctors, dentists and other health care professionals as well as non-medical volunteers.

IMO trips are all inclusive:

We take care of all of the logistics for your trip as well as the organization of the clinics in each area. As a member of our medical mission team, we value the time that you have already taken to participate in this opportunity.


Your tax deductible donation for participation covers international transportation from the continental United States, ground transportation, lodging, meals, permit requirements, clinic, airport taxes and other visa requirements necessary.


Trip Costs:

The cost of a trip varies depending on the location and time of year of travel.


Not included in your donation for this trip would be fees for obtaining your passport, vaccinations necessary for international travel, international health insurance, telephone calling cards and other personal souvenirs to remember your journey.


We are here to help you raise funds:

We help our volunteers to raise funds by providing you with information for a letter that you can send to friends, family and local business.

Non-medical volunteers provide the foundation for all of our projects:

At least half of our volunteers have no medical background and their services are a critical component to the successful operation of our projects.


As a non-medical volunteer you will work side by side with the medical team throughout the project as well as build relationship with the community. Community health education is a critical component for all short term medical mission trips because it allows us to leave a lasting footprint on the community.


Some common roles for volunteers:

  • Project set up and breakdown
  • Community health education – we provide you with a variety of topics or you can choose your own topic to teach a class to the local communities that will help build and strengthen the people through health and wellness.
  • Helping in the pharmacy
  • Patient registration
  • Crowd control
  • Kitchen staff


IMO believes in family participation:

Education goes beyond the classroom for a hands on experience. What a young person will learn on the field will remain with them for a lifetime. It will help to create kindness & compassion to serve in their communities & beyond. You'll grow & serve together as a family in a much deeper level. Memories will be made that will last a lifetime but most importantly you have helped to improve the life of someone else.


What to Bring?

Once your application has been approved you will be given a comprehensive packet that contains a packing list specific to the needs of the mission trip you'll be volunteering with. Also more detailed information will be explained at the orientation that will be scheduled closer to the date of the project.


Medical volunteers are asked to bring their own diagnostics for use during the project  (otoscope, ophthalmoscope, stethoscope, sphygmomanometer, knee hammer, thermometer, scissors, etc.).


Medical Supplies:

IMO provides the supplies for the medical project; however it is not uncommon for our volunteers to contact their reps to get donated medicines, particularly antibiotics that are not expired to bring along.



 We take security very seriously at IMO.  As we prepare for our trips we review all current activities occurring on the ground and we work with our team, and our in country hosts to know the ground situation to the best of our ability. Security is of the utmost importance for us.


Project Orientation:

Prior to our departure we will  have a mandatory orientation of all volunteer team members. At that time we will run through all expectations and requirements of the medical project and cross culture experiences. Also one week before the departure date we will have a "Packing Party" at which time we will gather all supplies and equipments necessary for the mission trip.


Medical Partnerships:

We strive to partner with local medical and dental providers on every trip. This increases the continuity of care for the patients that we serve and is very important for improved community health. In addition, we look for partnerships with local medical schools and also have residency programs in our Surgical Center. Our partnership with local providers creates valuable experiences for our team members and is a unique aspect of working with International Mission Opportunities.


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