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Teenager Saves Lives By Assisting Surgeons in Africa

While many young girls are focused on shopping for the latest styles, going to concerts and dating, Kyauta Adebisi is more focused on saving lives by assisting in numerous surgeries. In fact, she has participated in more surgeries than many surgical residents have completed at the end of their training.

     “The projects I work on in Africa have a lot of people who are sick and are hurting,” Kyauta says. “There are over two thousand people and they keep bringing them in. The people are in desperate need of assistance and I am really blessed to have the opportunity to help them.”

     Kyauta, a student at Logos Academy in York, Pennsylvania is proud to be apart of a medical missions team that provides services to many parts of the world.  Since she was twelve years old, Kyauta has been to Africa to assist in numerous surgeries. Now, at fifteen years old, she has grown accustomed to holding surgical instruments that she barely knows the name of, and suctioning blood as life saving procedures are conducted in makeshift operating rooms.

    “After assisting in so many surgeries and gaining so much experience, being a surgeon one day greatly interests me. But first, before I earn an MD, my goal is to raise $20,000 dollars to help treat about 7,000 patients and to perform up to 400 surgeries,” she says.

     She also has special plans to help out people in need of medical and surgical services aside from her fundraising efforts. Instead of having a sixteenth birthday party, Kyauta will be receiving funds to go on another medical missions trip, where she can assist in life saving procedures for Africa.

     Kyauta says, “Medical missions is more important to me than a birthday cake and party. These things are nice and all, but saving lives by assisting in surgery is much more fulfilling. It is not hard to help someone. If I can do it, anyone can do it.”

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