IMO Volunteer Videos

“It’s often challenging with the massive turnout [of patients], which could be overwhelming, but nothing gives me joy like helping people. It’s simply amazing.” - Dr. Larry McKenzie

“At first it’s a little bit of an adjustment because it’s so different. And the resources you’re used to having are just not available. […] The patients are so grateful and so thankful. […] It’s been absolutely unbelievable and I’m very sad tomorrow is the last day. It’s rewarding more than you could even imagine. There aren’t even words to describe it. It will be hard to return home. And I never thought I’d say that.” - Dr. Julie, San Antonio, TX

Ryan took a leap of faith to attend his first medical mission trip with IMO in 2017. Ryan was able to help in multiple departments, this connected him to the Nigerian community and those he was helping.

What is it like to join a medical mission as someone who doesn’t have medical training? What do you get to do on site? And how does it feel as a teenager to join? Kauna Adebisi explains. 

This mission trip has given me the realization that mission is going to be my life. How can I even begin to explain the feelings associated with being a part of this type of ministry?

- Tammy Motter, Registered Nurse 

IMO Orientation Video — What You Need to Know When Going on a Mission (and no, you don’t have to be a healthcare practitioner to join!)

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